Play Futsal in Fall and Winter

Massachusetts is one of the biggest Futsal states in the US with many leagues to choose from. Join a Futsal league in one the available locations: 
South Cost Futsal League – covers the Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth and vicinities. This league is expanding and this year alone it counts with over 120 teams.
Forekicks Futsal League –  This is a recreational league in the great Forekicks facility located in Norfolk and Marlboro, MA
Catholic Youth Futsal League – This is a league dedicated to students of Catholic Schools in the Southern area of Massachusetts.

For inquiries contact Bill Sampaio – 774.526.3209 or e-mail at

You may also contact the US Futsal Hotline at Phone: 510-524-5353 or e-mail futsal@futsal.orgfor information